An adventure in Silvia and Guambia

By gregebersole

February 2, 2014

Category: Travel

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My friend, Liceth, and I took a combination of buses and jeeps to go to Silvia and Guambia, Colombia on Tuesday. That day is the weekly market in Silvia. Many of the indigenous people from Guambia come to sell their goods. After walking through the market, we decided to take a jeep to Guambia to see where they lived. It was an amazing day full of adventure. The countryside is spectacular there. Guambia isn’t a town, but an area where there are many houses. There are many large tanks of water where trout are raised. While we were there, we met some women, talked to them awhile and ended up being invited to a funeral. It hadn’t started yet, but people were eating bowls of rice and potatoes along with their agua panela drink. They offered us servings too. We shared a bowl. Sharing food is important in most cultures of the world and we weren’t about to say no to these new Guambiano friends. There would be a lot of sharing of food throughout the night. The next day, they would carry the casket in a procession to the burial site. They told us it would take 2 hours to walk there. Before we left, a couple came up to me and asked me to be the godfather of their 4 year old daughter. I said yes and gave them my contact information. If they call or email me, I may be making a trip back for the girl’s baptism. These random events that just happen make life very interesting. What a wonderful day and a wonderful place! I really would like to go back again soon.


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