Eco Parque de Las Garzas

By gregebersole

February 6, 2014

Category: Travel

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Last Friday, January 31, 2014, my friend, Liceth, and I went to the Eco Parque de Las Garzas, or Eco Heron Park in Cali. There are lots of trees full of birds and a lake with a small island of trees. There are always a lot of white herons in those trees. This time, we saw several nests with babies. We had a lot of fun taking photos of the herons and also of each other taking photos. We also took photos of each other climbing in the trees. It was a fun afternoon and a nice place to visit. In this photo of a heron and her baby, they seem to be exercising their voices.

I have a just a little more than 3 months left in Cali. I’m already starting to think about my plans for when I leave. There are a lot of ideas and plans on the horizon.

There are about 3 guys in Cali that drive me crazy. They are irritating in various ways. A few days ago, I was walking along Calle 5, thinking that it was interesting that I hadn’t run into any of them in the 2 months since I’ve been back. Then, Tuesday I ran into one of them on the street. He started blabbering to me about this and that event happening that I needed to go to. He goes to every art opening or book launch in Cali. I think, maybe, primarily for the refreshments. He seems to think it’s his duty and obligation to tell me about each and every one of them. I really don’t care about most of them. Then, yesterday, I ran into another one of them on the MIO bus. He started blabbering away about how he couldn’t get a visa again to go to the states and he wanted to collect his social security from there, etc. I think he’s part Colombian and part American. He’s lived in the states some, but has lived here for the past 5 years or more. He really does drive me nuts. Then later, I ran into the third guy on my street, of all places. I stopped to listen and talk to all of them, being nice, but hoping to keep the conversations short.


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