New time

By gregebersole

February 20, 2014

Category: Travel


This is the view of the mountain, Las Tres Cruces, from Loma de la Cruz, an area several blocks from my house. When I climb the mountain, I have to walk from my house, a little farther away than shown in this photo. It takes me about a half an hour for that walk. When I get there, in the parking area, I buy a bottle of water and then head to the start of the trail up the mountain. Last Tuesday, instead of going to the gym, I decided to climb, trying to break my previous best time of 33 minutes. I left my camera at home, wearing gym shorts with just enough money in my pocket for juice and carrot bread on top. Also, my cell phone to check my time. It was a hard climb again, but when I reached the top, out of breath and sweating like crazy, I checked my cell phone quickly for my time. I had made it in 31 minutes!! I was amazed. I’d hoped for a minute better, but was totally surprised by this time. I now hope to do it in 30 minutes. After that, I don’t care. That is now my last goal. I may try for the record time of 30 minutes next week sometime. I think I can do it.


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  1. Thanks Pat!

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