Early on the mountain

By gregebersole

February 26, 2014

Category: Travel

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Last Sunday, I decided to climb Las Tres Cruces early and try to get a photo of the sunrise. I left my house in the dark at 5:20 a.m. I walked the half hour or so to the parking lot for the hikers, bought a bottle of water and started hiking. I was up a ways before the sun came up. It was cloudy and I actually never saw the sun. It just gradually got lighter and lighter. Yet, it was still beautiful. This is my photo of Cali after I had climbed awhile. I enjoyed the hike, but didn’t try for a record time. I wanted to take more photos this time. It was a nice hike since there were a lot less people on the trail. By the time I started heading down, the trails were full of hikers heading up. I hope to climb again soon on a week day and try for 30 minutes. I’m feeling like I can do it. But, that will probably be my all time best time. Thirty minutes is all I care about. That will be difficult and I will need to push it hard. If I don’t get it next time up, I still will sometime before I leave Cali in May.


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