By gregebersole

March 8, 2014

Category: Travel

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I went to Siloé yesterday afternoon to watch one of Pichi’s soccer teams practice. Afterwards, I had a series of random and interesting encounters. Before the practice, when I was walking up to the field, I had seen a man with a couple of roosters. We said hello and I continued on. Later, I told Pichi what I had seen and that they looked like fighting cocks. He said they probably were. After practice, on the way down, we met a man at the house where I had seen them. We talked a little and then he said to wait a minute. He went into his house and came out with a slightly wrinkled large photo of a young girl, Fernanda Quilindo, that was one of the photos in my exhibition. It was an extra photo that I had given to her. This man is her father and he has treasured the photo. His name is Luís Carlos Quilindo Quiñones. I am so happy that most of the photos from the show are scattered around Siloé in the homes of the people in the photos. I still seem to be pretty well known here. I’m often riding on the back of a motorcycle, going up or down, and I here my name called out. I turn and look and it’s often a kid from one of Pichi’s teams or someone that I have met in the past during my walks with Pichi. I’ve rarely been told no when I ask if I can take a photo. Well, it turns out that this man, Fernanda’s father, has several roosters out behind his little home that he built himself. We had to walk through the basically one room home where he lives to get out back. The room was where he slept. It was a very humble abode which most people would call an impoverished shack. Out back, there were a few cages with roosters. I took some photos of them. There is a little ring in front of his house where they have cockfights. He invited us to one this weekend. Personally, I don’t like bullfights or cockfights, but I may go to take photos of the event and the men who attend. Being a former newspaper photographer, I had to photograph many things that I didn’t like or that made me uncomfortable. And this is part of Siloé and I feel that I should have a photo of this. I continue to go and visit my friend, Pichi, and to get more photos in Siloé. I’ve been thinking that I may do a book someday. I have a lot of photos that might make an interesting book. Pichi and everyone that I talk to in Siloé agree.

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