A cockfight

By gregebersole

March 12, 2014

Category: Travel

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My friend, Pichi, and I went to a cockfight in Siloé last Sunday evening. Another day earlier, I was walking up to the Los Pozos soccer field and met a man with a rooster. Afterwards, I told Pichi it looked like a fighting cock. After the soccer practice, we stopped and talked to the man. It turns out he is the father of Fernanda, a young girl that played soccer on one of Pichi’s teams. He showed us some roosters and I took some photos. Then, he invited us to a cockfight that he was going to have Sunday evening. He had a small ring on the side of his house. By the time the cockfight got started, it was getting pretty dark. We had waited an hour or more after the scheduled time. That is common in Colombia. Soon after a couple of fights, it started raining hard. Luckily, we were under a tarp. Later, all the lights went out and we were in complete darkness for a few minutes. A little strange for that to happen to me high up in Siloé in Los Pozos. I took a lot of photos in the time we stayed there. We watched about three fights and then decided to leave when the rain had stopped. I’m thankful that I didn’t see any roosters die. I don’t plan to go to any more cockfights. Once was enough. I don’t like to see animals fight. And, by the way, I also don’t like to see humans fight. In this situation, who knows, things could have gotten out of hand late in the evening. With men betting on the roosters, loosing money could trigger anger and hard feelings. A fight could easily break out. It was good to leave early. Cockfighting is a part of the life and culture in Siloé, as well as other places in Colombia. I wanted to get a few photos for my Siloé collection. I am still thinking of possibly doing a photo book on Siloé.


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