A work day in Los Pozos, Siloé

By gregebersole

March 22, 2014

Category: Travel

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My friends, Pichi and Miguel, soccer coaches, organized a work day in Los Pozos, high up in Siloé. Last weekend, they had volunteers painting houses and walls of neighbors near the soccer field and also filling bags with dirt to put along the side of the field where the soccer ball kept going downhill. The kids would always have to chase it down and bring it back up. There were many volunteers helping. For lunch, some women prepared some delicious sancocho (a soup or stew with beef, potatoes, platanoes, vegetables and more) for the workers, the kids and many neighbors. Everything was shared. Nobody went hungry. A great day. I worked very little, mainly taking photos and visiting. I did carry some bags of potatoes and plantains, though. In the photo, I’m with some of the volunteers and kids on the soccer field.


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