Goal accomplished!

By gregebersole

March 25, 2014

Category: Travel

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I did it! I beat my old time and climbed Las Tres Cruces in 30 minutes! That was my goal. I hoped to do it before I left Colombia in May. Last Thursday, I left the house at 6:20 a.m., stopping along the way for a coffee, boiled egg and pan queso. I was going to try for my record time. I thought maybe the snack would give me extra energy. I kept thinking, then, as I walked along Calle 5, that I didn’t feel like I could do it that day. Maybe, I should wait until the next day. I got to the parking lot, bought a bottle of water, stretched a little and then decided to go for it. I still wasn’t sure I felt confident enough or that I could actually do it that day. The climb was hard again, like always. I kept pushing it, not sure if I would make my goal of 30 minutes. I was sweating like crazy when I arrived at the top, t shirt and gym shorts completely soaked, and practically out of breath. I checked my time quickly and was totally amazed that I had done it. I couldn’t believe it!!! The carrot cake and orange/carrot juice tasted so good. This photo is from an earlier trip a few years ago. I didn’t carry a camera today. But, I stopped on this rock on the way down to enjoy the view and my accomplishment! I feel good! Friends and people at my gym tell me that is a great time! They say that I must be in great shape. I wish I was in better shape and wouldn’t be so out of breath during a lot of the climb. Anyway, I’m happy with it. I doubt that I could do it in 29 minutes, but who knows. On one of my next climbs when I take my camera, I need to have someone take a better jumping photo of me.


One Response to “Goal accomplished!”

  1. BRAVO!! ~Theadora (Fabulous shot!)

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