Terrón Coloreado

By gregebersole

April 9, 2014

Category: Travel

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I spent last Sunday taking photos of groups, painting houses in Terrón Coloreado. Sixty houses were painted along with many walls. The walls were painted with colorful and fancy murals. There is a group that brings several hundred volunteers to this Cali barrio to paint houses in bright colors every 2 months or so. I thought about volunteering to paint, but I really wanted to just take photos. I had been intrigued about this area for a long time. I had passed it on the highway and looked up, always amazed at the beautiful houses. They are set up on a steep hill, similar to Siloé. People had also told me that it was a dangerous barrio. So, of course, I was even more interested. This day, there was security, including several policemen. I had called several days earlier and talked to the director of the project and she said that I was welcome to come and take photos. It was a fun day. Groups of four, eight or twelve were each assigned a house to paint. There was a paper printout with a photo of the house, showing what colors to paint and where. The volunteers were given their kits with brushes, pans, rollers and paint at the start of the day. Each volunteer was also given a Terrón Coloreado t shirt from the organization and a baseball cap with coffee logo, provided by the coffee company. I followed one group of volunteers and stayed with them awhile, taking photos, then walked around to other different areas to take photos. At about 1 p.m., slices of pizza and soft drinks were served to everyone. The pizza was donated by a pizza place. It was gourmet pizza and very good. By 2:30 p.m., I was sunburnt and a little tired, so I walked down to the road and caught a bus back to near Siloé, where I got off and walked home. Many of the volunteers had finished their paint jobs and left early too. For the remaining people, buses were coming to take them back at 5:30 p.m.


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