Thinking about stuff

By gregebersole

April 10, 2014

Category: Travel

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The photo is from a mural on a wall in Terrón Coloreado.

Today, my mind has been wandering. This morning, and lately, I go to the gym first thing in the morning and work hard. But, my mind is not really into it. I’m not enjoying it. I work hard and I’m lifting more weight, but I keep watching the clock. Maybe, I’m getting tired of my same routines again. I also seem to be bored often lately. Since my time here was short, I didn’t have a photo project to work on or a show to prepare for. I still visit Siloé every so often, but it’s different. I try to get some good photos, but since I’m not working for an exhibition, the pressure to get a bunch of photos is off. I now have a little over a month left in Cali. Honestly, I’ll be ready to go. This 5 months here have been different. I have only gone salsa dancing a couple of times. The women that I used to like to dance with no longer live in Cali. It’s just not the same anymore. Things in the house where I live are starting to annoy me. It’s getting harder to just laugh and ignore them. Now, they are starting to irritate me. Not a good sign. One person talks and talks and talks. I can hear the talking all the time. I’ve never know anyone to talk so much. I don’t know how they can think of so much to say and to say it for such a long time. It wears me out to just listen to it. I’m anxious to get back to the Northwest and try to sell my house. That is a goal of mine. I hope I can get it done in June. Then, I want to get a small house or condo in Arizona. I haven’t lived in my own home for 5 years. I have had a renter in my house and my belongings that I kept, before moving to Colombia, in a storage unit. It would be nice to have a small place where I can keep my things and live part of the year. I’m ready to have my own place again. Ready to see my books I love and listen to my music that I love. Maybe, I could rent the place out part of the year, too, and continue to spend some time each year abroad. I enjoy living abroad. But, I don’t plan to come back to Colombia to live. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I think I’m serious. Ha! I think. I would like to spend some time in Mexico again, preferably near a beach. It would be closer to Arizona and the travel costs would be less than going to Colombia. I still love a lot of things about Colombia, and especially, Cali. But after almost 5 years here, life is getting pretty normal and routine for me. It has been a lot different this time then other years. I have a lot less friends to do things with. If it wasn’t for my long time friend, Liceth, I probably would have headed to Mexico my now. My living expenses have been cheap here, thankfully, and that has been great. I’m able to save up for my future travel in the US. I also had my yearly physical and everything checked out fine. I also hope to get my teeth checked and cleaned yet before I leave. Since I haven’t had any insurance in the states for 5 years, I need to get things done in Colombia where I can afford to pay out of my pocket. In my remaining time here, I hope to visit Bocas del Palo at least once more to see my friends there. I will also return to Siloé occasionally to see Pichi and my other friends there. By late next month, though, I will be happy and ready to leave again.


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  1. I recognize the signs. Time for a change.

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