Women’s run

By gregebersole

May 4, 2014

Category: Travel

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Today was the Carrera de la Mujer Cali 2014. in other words, it was the women’s run. There were distances of 4km to 12 km. There were starts for amateurs, women with children and the professionals. This photo was taken along Calle 10 where the runners ran by on the left, turned up ahead and returned on the right. The woman in the middle had stopped to take a selfie. Some of the women, when they reached the street and saw others running by at right, just crossed over and joined the group, not going the complete distance. There were a lot who “cheated.” I stayed long enough to get a few photos and then left. In years past, I would have arrived at the event early and stayed until the end to get the best photos for my newspaper. Today, I took my small point and shoot and took photos for fun.

I now have only three more weeks in Cali. I’m getting excited about leaving.

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