By gregebersole

May 7, 2014

Category: Travel

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I walked downtown recently to look for some Colombia soccer shirts. I hadn’t been by the area where the pigeons hang out for a long time. I went and got a few photos. In this one, the young man at the left, take a cellphone photo. The man at the right is always there to take photos for people. He gets them printed and sells them. That’s how he makes his living. I enjoy walking around downtown. The sidewalks are always crowded with people and many vendors, selling various items. It’s kind of chaotic and I love it. When I return to the states, I’m going to miss this. Things are often too organized and structured in the states. I like the fact that in Cali, anyone can find a spot on the sidewalk to sell something, including food they make. They all have a chance to make a living, however meager it might be.

With only about 2 1/2 weeks left in Cali, I’m busy trying to get everything done that I have to do before I leave. Time is going fast.


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