By gregebersole

May 12, 2014

Category: Travel

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I have another favorite panaderia. After my early morning gym workout, I often do a quick walk from by barrio, Miraflores, to CRA 4, near downtown, and back, about 20 to 30 minutes each way. On the way back, I usually stop at a very small panaderia called La Favorita. This is Ofil, who serves me a great cup of coffee and a large slice of fresh banana bread for only 1,550 pesos, or about 80 cents. She is usually pretty busy behind the counter. It doesn’t take her very long to know and to remember what each of her many regular customers like when they stop in. Once in awhile, I have a boiled egg with my coffee. That combination only costs me 45 cents.

Today, I bought a new suitcase downtown. I had gone down on Saturday, walking around, looking at and pricing various ones. My current suitcase is small and I was afraid that I needed something a little bigger when I leave here. I got an idea for the prices on various ones. At one location I went by and checked, the woman was very nice and spent a lot of time telling me about the various ones that I was interested in. I took her business card. Today, when I got downtown, I realized that I didn’t have her card with the address. There are several streets where there are many small shops selling suitcases and backpacks. I walked around and actually found the woman’s shop. I was happy to realize that my memory still works sometimes. I found one that I liked and asked her the price. She said 110,000 pesos. I offered her 100,000 and she said okay. Maybe, I could have bargained for less, I don’t know. But $50 isn’t a bad price for what I got. It’s the very first suitcase that I have ever had with wheels and a pull up handle. It also has several outside pockets with zippers and can also expand in width, adding an extra couple of inches.


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