Last visit to Los Pozos

By gregebersole

May 22, 2014

Category: Travel

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My friend, Liceth, and I went to Los Pozos, upper Siloé, yesterday afternoon. She wanted to go with me to see this area, one of my favorite parts of Siloé. And also to see Pichi one last time. One of Pichi’s soccer teams practices there. We each rode up and down on motorcycles. I’m going to miss those rides. A little scary sometimes, but usually just a good exciting adventure.

Liceth and I have been friends for over 4 years now. She has been my best friend in Cali. She has shared with me many new places in Colombia throughout the past 4 years. I have learned a lot from her, both in seeing new places, but also in learning more about Colombian life in general. On Sunday, she is going with me to the US. I will be excited to show her places in Arizona and then, also, points of interest in New York City. We will be staying with good friends of mine who live the city. It will be fun to watch Liceth experience a new country for the first time. Afterwards, she will be working at a camp in New York for the summer. It should be a great experience for her and her English should continue to improve even faster. I think she speaks and understands English very well right now.

Thanks to Pichi for taking the photo of us.


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