Time has flown

By gregebersole

June 18, 2014

Category: Travel

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Time has been flying! Last May 25th, I left Cali with my best friend there, Liceth. She got a job working at a camp in New York for the summer. We decided to leave early so she could get used to the US and also spend a couple of weeks traveling. We flew to Bogota, then to Houston and then to Phoenix, Arizona. My son picked us up at the airport. On Liceth’s first day in the United States, she got to experience Costco, a huge member only store where people buy things cheap and in large quantities. As the photo shows, she was a little in shock and a little impressed, I think. Our time together went fast. We drove to California to see my cousin and his family, went to the beach and the next day drove to San Diego. After we got back to Arizona, we traveled north to Williams, the Grand Canyon and the Sedona area. And lastly, we spent about 3 days or so in the New York City area. I have good friends, Kris and Joan, that live in New Valley, not too far from the Newark airport or the Manhattan area. We saw the Memorial at the World Trade Center site, rode the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty and walked through Central Park. It was a great 2 weeks traveling with my friend. She was a great traveling companion. We had many conversations along the way, both in Spanish and English. We have so many memories and great photos from our time together. On Sunday, June 8, Joan drove us to the camp in Huguenot, New York, where we dropped off Liceth. We said our goodbyes and then, later that afternoon, I flew back to Phoenix. The next day, I started my long drive to Longview, Washington, where I am now. I hope to take time to post a few photos of our trip in upcoming blogs.


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