Happy 4th!

By gregebersole

July 4, 2014

Category: Travel

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Happy 4th of July to everyone! I watched two World Cup soccer matches today. This afternoon, I met my friend, Hans, at a local restaurant to watch the Colombia/Brazil match. We were the only ones in a banquet room with a large screen tv. It was a good match, but unfortunately my team, Colombia lost 2-1. They put forth a great effort and I’m very proud of the team. They made their country and it’s people very proud. Tomorrow, I will cheer for Costa Rica in it’s match with the Netherlands.

I haven’t been in the US for the Fourth for a long time. I feel a little disconnected to all the activities here in Longview. Years ago, I had to photograph events, including the fireworks, for the local newspaper. Today, I walked the nearly 4 miles around the lake after the soccer match. It was crowded with people of all types and sizes. Very interesting. Dealing with all the people wore me out. Tonight, I’m tired and will probably be in bed about the time the fireworks began. I have no interest in dealing with the crowds at the lake watching the fireworks tonight.

This photo I took a month ago from the Staten Island Ferry in New York City.


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