Blues Festival

By gregebersole

July 10, 2014

Category: Travel

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Last Sunday, I went to the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland. It’s a 4 day event along the river, featuring many musicians. I hadn’t gone for years. It was fun, though there were huge crowds of people. They have 3 stages and they alternate between them for the various performances. I went to see Joan Osborne with the Holmes Brothers and Boz Scaggs. They were great. The featured headliner, Greg Allman, couldn’t come. He was in a hospital. I was bummed out about that but the other two performances were worth it.

Lately, I have signed the papers to put my Longview home on the market. I have also been spending time at my storage unit going through boxes, trying to get rid of more stuff that I don’t need. Yesterday, I emptied a large box full of old tax receipts and records that were pretty old.

I spend a lot of time each day thinking about what I want to do in the next month or two. Once the house is for sale, I don’t really have to stay in town. My realtor takes care of the house showings, etc. I may head to Colorado in August. Not sure. I’ve also been thinking about Colombia and Mexico a lot lately, thinking about whether I want to spend time in Mexico in the fall or return to Colombia for a few months. Hard decisions. Sometimes, I really miss Colombia. I knew I would.

Oh, the photo features Boz Scaggs!


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