By gregebersole

July 19, 2014

Category: Travel

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Every day, while I’m in the Longview area, I try to walk around Lake Sacajawea. It’s almost 4 miles around. When I lived here, I either ran or walked it almost every day. It’s like a little oasis of nature in this town. It takes about an hour to do it. It’s a good time for thinking too. Lately, I’ve done some thinking and decided I’m going to leave here in about a week. I’m going to get an inexpensive 2 or 4 man tent, extra long lightweight sleeping bag and an air mattress and hit the road, doing some camping. My tent was was lost a long time ago. I plan to head towards Boise, Idaho and then to Colorado, maybe by way of Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs. I’m getting a little depressed just hanging around here. I plan to sort some more stuff in my storage unit yet and then I’ll be ready to leave. And, hopefully, the house might have a buyer in a month or two. That would be nice. Meanwhile, I think some time hiking and sitting in the campground with some books to read would do me good.

This photo of a blue heron was taken with my small point and shoot camera at the lake. I tried to get as close as I could quietly. As he started to fly, I got a quick shot off.


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