Deer in the yard

By gregebersole

July 21, 2014

Category: Travel

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There’s a couple of deer that visit the yard early mornings or evenings where I’ve been staying in Kalama, Wa. I have stayed with my friends Gary and Janet Oyer for a few weeks. They have a bedroom for me in the basement. It’s been nice to stay there and spend some time with them again. I have taken photos of this deer and the other one several times. I’ve been able to get pretty close to them.

Yesterday afternoon, I found a decent 4 man tent for about $49. I found a sleeping bag on sale for $19. Today, I’m looking for an air mattress. I’m making plans to leave for a camping trip this coming weekend. A photographer friend of mine, Dave Rubert, and his family are going to be at his parents’ place in Idaho. They have a cabin in the woods. I’m going to spend a couple of nights camping there before heading down to Boise to see friends. The main thing I’m worried about is the cost of gas for the car. Later, I also plan to visit some friends in various places in Colorado. I hope to get at least one good and interesting photo each day and keep the blog updated more regularly.


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