Cowlitz County Fair

By gregebersole

July 26, 2014

Category: Travel

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The last couple of days, I’ve walked through the Cowlitz County Fair briefly. It’s free to get in this year. In the past, when I worked for The Daily News in Longview as a photographer, I had to go often to get photos for the newspaper. This time, I took a few photos for fun with my small camera. I got this photo in the pig pen. The kids were hanging out there after having shown their prized animals.

This afternoon, I’ve been getting ready for my road trip. I leave early tomorrow morning and head to Mt. Rainier National Park. I want to get a photo of the mountain from Reflection Lake. Later, in the afternoon, I’ll look for a place to camp. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I’ll be camping in northern Idaho with friends. Thursday morning, I’ll head to the Boise area to visit more friends. Later, I’ll work my way through Utah and into western Colorado. I hope to post a photo from each day.


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