Craigmont, Idaho

By gregebersole

July 30, 2014

Category: Travel

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I camped Monday night along the Snake River at a campground near Lewiston, Idaho. It cost me $22, with tax. It was nothing special, but had access to a boat launch ramp, which I didn’t need. I didn’t put up the rain cover on my tent. At night, a breeze came through the tent occasionally. I slept pretty well. I got up early and went for coffee and pancakes, then drove to near Craigmont. My photographer friend, Dave Rubert, and his son, Canon, from Winlock, Wa., were staying at his parents’ home. Don and Janet Rubert live on about 500 miles of wilderness land between Craigmont and Nez Pierce. We watched deer from their back porch. We also took a couple of rides on the land in his six-wheeler, as pictured in the photo. We crossed the creek several times and drove through tall grass, occasionally at the edge of a drop-off to the large canyon. They really live in the middle of nowhere. It’s almost always perfectly quiet except for the buzzing of the hummingbirds. Last night, Don grilled steaks. The apple wood used gave it a great flavor. Tomorrow morning, I plan to head south to the Boise area.


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