to Boise area

By gregebersole

August 2, 2014

Category: Travel

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I passed this view near Cascade, Idaho, on my drive to the Boise area. I was tempted to jump the fence to get a closer photo, but decided I shouldn’t. The drive was really nice and beautiful. Along the rivers, there were several rafters. I got to the house of Trent and Elizabeth Dyrsmid in the late afternoon. They live in Garden City, an area close to Boise. Elizabeth is the daughter of my good friends, Larry and Chris Nofziger, who had been staying there a week already. Larry and Chris and I knew each other form college. We’ve been great friends ever since. Trent and Elizabeth had a 3 month old daughter, Kiana, who everyone was enjoying. I also have two other good friends in the area also. They are Russ and Janet Buschert. We were able to spend time with them too. It’s been a nice couple of days. Today, Larry and Chris plan to leave and take a scenic route into the Sawtooth Wilderness area to camp before heading back to Alberta. I’m going to go too, and then make a loop, heading back south a different route to Utah.


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