The trip

By gregebersole

August 6, 2014

Category: Travel

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I haven’t been able to post much on my trip. My traveling adventure from Washington to Colorado has ended. Monday afternoon about 2:30 p.m. I was slammed into from the rear in a collision on the highway. There had been a long stream of cars in both lanes slowing and then stopping because of another accident way ahead. I pulled into the left lane which was moving a little, but then it too stopped. I stopped in plenty of time and I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a red car racing up behind me. Next thing I knew I was hit hard, slamming off the side of the road into the median and spinning me around. I was dazed and I’d lost my glasses and could barely see. I was lucky that the car hadn’t rolled. I fumbled around for about 10 minutes before I found the glasses on the floor underneath stuff on the passenger side. They were a little bent and twisted, but I fixed them enough to wear and to see. My beloved Mazda Miata had a smashed rear bumper, damaged rear side panels and broken light covers. I started it up and was able to drive it up on the highway, even though the muffler was loud now. After citing the other driver for an expired license, following to closely and no insurance, the officer followed me into Brigham City, the nearest town. My car drove okay and there I got a motel room for the night. I bought some red plastic tape to put over the lenses and tied the bumper up real good with some rope I had in the trunk. In the morning, I headed toward Greeley to get an repair estimate at a garage near where my sister lives. About 35 miles west of Rawlins, Wyo., there was a rough stretch of highway and suddenly, there was a loud noise and the car had slipped out of gear. I quickly pulled to the side of the road and tried to move into first gear, but it wouldn’t engage. I almost cried. I was totally depressed. I called my insurance company again and they sent a tow from Rawlins. I had to wait about 2 hours or more while semis and other vehicles whizzed closely by me at 80 miles an hour, the speed limit. The car was towed into Rawlins and stored in the towing companies yard. I was forced to stay in a $75 a night motel nearby, one of the cheap ones. Today, I was calling garages to see if someone could look at the car. I finally got one mechanic to go over and look at it. He called later and said that the collision had bent the frame and the trans axle was pushed down and the bump probably had pulled everything apart, which were probably loose anyway. That was besides the other damage. I was on the phone with the insurance man off and on today. This afternoon, brother in-law in Greeley offered to come down in the morning with a truck and trailer to haul it to Greeley. About a 3 hour or more trip. The car is totaled and I’m really bummed out about it. The Miata was one of my favorite cars and I loved it. This photo was taken at a campground in Craters of the Moon in Utah where I had camped for $5 last Saturday night.

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