By gregebersole

August 12, 2014

Category: Travel

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Ever since, my brother in-law, Bob, towed my car to Greeley, it’s been sitting in the driveway. I’ve been staying with him and my sister, Karen. I’m still waiting for the insurance company to do something. I faxed them a letter with all of my receipts last Friday. They also have a preliminary repair estimate for some of the damages by a mechanic in Rawlins, Wyoming. Yesterday, I was told that a field examiner may be coming on Thursday to look at the car. I can’t really do anything until they give me a repair settlement or an amount for the car. After I get a check, I can look for another car. Right now, I’m missing my car and I’m thinking of getting another Miata. So, these days I’ve spent a lot of time walking to either MacDonalds or Starbucks to use their wifi since Bob and Karen don’t have it in their home. I’ve also been reading about three books now, simultaneously. Plus, I had already finished one before. I’m getting very anxious for something to get done.

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