A Perfect Day

By gregebersole

August 19, 2014

Category: Travel

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Sunday was the perfect day! My sister, Karen, her husband, Bob, and I were up early with our coffee and heading toward Rocky Mountain National Park. On the way, we drove through Big Thompson Canyon where recent floods had done a lot of damage. The swollen river had washed out parts of the highway and destroyed many homes and other buildings. Things are slowly being repaired. In one of Colorado’s finest parks, we hiked to Bear Lake, Nymph Lake and Dream Lake. It was a day with perfect weather, no flies or mosquitoes. After our hikes, we had our picnic lunch outside and then drove up Trail Ridge Road and back. It is the highest continuous paved road in the US. It is closed in the winters due to heavy snow. After being in flat Greeley for almost 2 weeks, it was so nice to get into the mountains and do some hiking. This photo was taken at Bear Lake by my brother in-law, Bob.

In the last couple of days, I’ve looked at a dark green Mazda Miata a couple of times. I drove it yesterday and it seemed fine. It looks great and is in excellent condition. It is a 1999, 3 years newer than my old one. I’m not crazy about the color, but can probably live with it for now. It has a cd player, instead of a cassette player like my current car. And, all four speakers work. On my current Miata, one of the speakers would kick on occasionally went I hit a big bump in the road. I’m expecting a check from the insurance company tomorrow and then may buy this car. The price is good, but I’m trying to haggle and get it down a little more. It’s a habit I have of bargaining for things.


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