Thinking about friends and relationships

By gregebersole

October 7, 2014

Category: Travel

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I’ve done some driving lately, from Colorado to New Mexico and to Arizona. I also rode out to Kansas and back. I’ve had opportunities to visit a lot of old friends. It’s given me a lot of time to think about friends and relationships. I have always kept in touch with old friends. Some I may not see very often, but I feel that we have a close relationship. If we would ever get together again, it would be like before. In Colorado, I saw and had lunch with an old friend from Boulder, Sue. When we were both pretty young, we took two classes together at the Boulder Free School, astrology and macrobiotic cooking. Those were fun times. We’d hiked together too, and later on, she sold me her 1955 Jeep Willys Wagon. I had a lot of good times with that jeep and wished that I still had it. Sue and I had a great conversation over lunch. I could feel that we were still good friends even though I hadn’t see her for years. In Kansas, I reconnected with a friend from college, Tony. I saw him perform in concert, a multi media presentation on the life of Paul Robeson. It was great. We had traveled together to Uganda twice where he sang in concerts. I think we will always be friends, even though we might not see each other often. In Colorado, I looked up another old friend, Doug. He has lived in the Villa Grove area for a long time. It had been a long time since I saw him. We had a good visit and hugged when I left. I may not ever see him again, but I know we’re still friends. I also reconnected with an old friend, Rick, who now lives in Silver City, New Mexico. We had a great visit and it was fun catching up with him and his experiences.

Some friends are always there regardless of the time. But, others, have gone away. I have lost contact with many. It’s a little sad. I’m not always sure why or what happened. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my friends in Colombia. Some of them I still feel close to. Others, I feel like we’ve become estranged. Something might have happened and now we’re not close. Some, that I, at one time, thought were my best friends, are now distant. Some of them I haven’t heard from for a long time. It kind of depresses me at times, but I know that’s life. Because of this, I keep thinking whether I want to go back to Colombia or not. I have taken my house off the market until May or June now, since no one stepped up to buy it. The current renter is interested and if his credit problem is solved by spring or June, he would like to buy the house. So, now, I have a lot of time on my hands again. I’ve been thinking of going to Mexico, with a possible side trip to Cuba. Then, I’m thinking of returning to Colombia since I can live cheaply there and it seems like home to me. It would be interesting to live in Medellin, a different place, but I keep thinking about doing more photography in Siloé with the possibility of producing a book. if I did that, I would have to live in Cali again. I need to figure out some kind of plan soon. Even a loosely made plan would be okay.

This photo was taken at the old home of my friend, Doug, near Villa Grove, Colorado. He has since been building another home. This one he rents out now.


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