The tunnel

By gregebersole

November 3, 2014

Category: Travel

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Last Friday, I went on a hike with my son, Dylan, and his father-in-law, Bruce Odegaard. We left early for the trailhead. It was to be about an 8 mile hike I think. The trail wasn’t marked at all, but we had a print out description off the internet. We walked along the river in a sandy wash for quite awhile before getting on to a better trail and gaining more elevation. It was really nice out and the scenery was great. Bruce belongs to a hiking club and he enjoys hiking and does it often. Somewhere, on the way back, we got off our trail and ended up following another fairly vague one. We did, however, get to go by an area along the river where we saw a group of wild horses in the water. That was nice. When we finally arrived at the parking lot, we checked Bruce’s mileage indicator and found that we had hiked about 10 1/2 miles.

This is a photo of Bruce and I in a tunnel along the way. As they say, “there is light at the end of the tunnel.”


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