Liking Mexico City

By gregebersole

November 19, 2014

Category: Travel

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I arrived in Mexico City Saturday afternoon a half hour late. After breezing through customs, I walked out and saw my Cali, Colombia friend, Lina, waving excitedly at me. It was good to see her and I was so glad she was there. We took a taxi to the apartment she shares with a friend of hers from Cali. It was a three day weekend here for them. Monday was a holiday. We went out Saturday evening for great tortas, then to a place for mariachi music. It was interesting. There were live performances and mariachi music. Later, a live band played for dancing. It was mostly cumbia music. We danced to a few cumbia songs and the only salsa number they played. Sunday, we went to museums and later had great tacos at a taco stand. Monday, Lina, her friend, John, and I went to the pyramids at Teotihuacan, near Mexico City. It was fascinating. We walked up both the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. We took lots of photos, including some fun and silly ones of us jumping, with the pyramid behind us or of us pointing at the pyramids. Watch for later posts. When we got back to Mexico City, we went to a buffet. I ate a lot of food of all different kinds. My stomach was okay that evening. On Sunday, after the museum visiting, Lina and I accompanied three friends of hers, visiting professors from Cali to a restaurant on the 47th floor in a tall building. It looked like a tower. I ordered a beef dish which sounded good. What arrived was a round molded shape of meat on a bed of salad. I started eating the meat and immediately thought it was horrible. It was raw beef. Everyone at the table also thought it was extremely gross. The salad was okay, though, which I ate. The restaurant was really fancy and I assumed that all the items on the menu were great and safe to eat. I didn’t know that raw beef was something that they served and that, evidently, people enjoyed. Not me! The little bit of meat that I ate messed up my stomach the next morning. I took some pepto bismol tablets which helped out. Since the weekend, I haven’t had any problems with food. I’ve eaten various types of food and my stomach hasn’t complained. I’ve been enjoying Mexico City. I hadn’t thought that I would.


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