Las Luchas

By gregebersole

November 22, 2014

Category: Travel

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Last night, I went with my friends, Lina and John, to see Las Luchas, Mexican wrestling. The security person wouldn’t let me take my little camera in so we went to put it in the car. Instead, when we got there, Lina unzipped one of her high boots and stuck it in, zipped it up and we went back in. I, along with several others were taking photos with cellphones or small cameras. I was hoping for just one good photo from our seats high up in the stands. I took a lot of photos and didn’t have any problems. It was pretty entertaining to watch the wrestling. It reminded me of when I had to photograph Hulk Hogan wrestling. My newspaper was doing a story. But, that time, I got to stand right along the ring, dodging the wrestlers from time to time, taking my photos. This time, I sat with my friends high in the stands. Lina has been a great friend and has tried to show me a lot of things and take me to a lot of places in Mexico City during my time here. It’s been a fun visit. I leave tomorrow afternoon for Merida. I plan to stay there until Saturday.


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