By gregebersole

November 27, 2014

Category: Travel

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Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was different. I think it’s been different about every year for the last 5 or so. No big meal with turkey and football with friends and family. Just myself. I came to Merida the past Sunday afternoon. My friend, Francisco, picked me up at the airport and took me to his folks’ home where I spent the night. His folks were very kind and gracious and I slept in Francisco’s old bedroom. I met him in Portland, Oregon, where he was living. We frequented the same Salsa clubs. I always thought he was a good dancer. He’s now back in his hometown of Merida and working as a receptionist for a hotel. I’ve been staying in Hostal Sta. Lucia. It has only cost me $10 a night. His hotel charged from $160 to $350 for a room. I have a bed in a 14 bed dormitory room. So far, there has only been three other guys sleeping here. They have odd hours. One guy sleeps all day and is up most of the night. It’s a comfortable place and the people who work here are nice. Yesterday, I took a bus to Campeche, 1 1/2 hours away. I stayed in a hotel that cost me about $35. It had air conditioning which I didn’t even use. I only needed the ceiling fan. It also had a tv which I didn’t watch much. I booked it online and it was the cheapest I found. I didn’t think Campeche was all that great and was anxious to get back to Merida. I enjoy it here. It’s a calm and peaceful place. I can sit in the plaza downtown and people watch and use my laptop. There is free wifi in all the parks here. It’s great. On Saturday, I will be flying back to Mexico City and then, on Monday, flying to Cali, Colombia. I will be anxious to get back there after 6 months away. I still like it there. It beats Merida in many ways. It’s been fun and interesting traveling in Mexico. I’ve often wished I had someone to travel with me and to be able to enjoy and share things together. Even though I am used to traveling alone, I often wish for companionship. It will be interesting to see how Cali is this time around. I know I have less friends there now, but I still have a few faithful and loyal ones, and I am grateful for that.


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