Airports again

By gregebersole

December 1, 2014

Category: Travel

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Saturday, I flew from Merida to Mexico City. This photo was taken as we flew over the city, getting ready to land. John and Lina picked me up at the airport again. Later, in the evening, Lina and I went to eat at little place near their apartment. I was skeptical, but since they specialized in hamburgers, I ordered one. It was fantastic. The meat was cooked while, and it had tomatoes, lettuce, some cheese, a good sauce and jalapeños. I loved it. Lina had a “chicken” hamburger which was equally good.

This afternoon, I took a taxi to the airport. Lina helped me get a better price from the driver. I’m now sitting here with free wifi, courtesy of a little Mexican cafe in the food area. I ordered a potato and sausage quesadilla and an horchata drink. It was all very good. I fly out early this evening, heading to Cali, Colombia again. I fly first to Houston, Texas, change planes, then fly to Bogota, then change planes again, and then fly to Cali. I’m used to the route from the states by now. I will stay in Cali until the latter part of May. I don’t have any plans or agenda yet, except to take more photos in Siloé. I also need to get back to the gym and start some serious exercise again. I feel a little out of shape after 6 months in the states, eating American food and not working out. It will be interesting to see how I find Cali this time, probably the 5th year that I have gone there to live for extended periods of time. I guess that it’s the closest to home that I have right now. I have lived in the same house each year.


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