Cali again

By gregebersole

December 4, 2014

Category: Travel

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I am back in Cali again, for better or for worse. I arrived Tuesday morning. I noticed that several things around my neighborhood had changed, but many were the same. I have my old room in the same house again, the room that I had two years ago. The other three people who lived here when I left Cali have now moved out. My room now seems to have lost the screens on the windows. The desk is gone. The wifi is not consistently operating or operating well. I was given two crappy pillows on two thin hard mattresses. I was also told that I now have to buy my own sheets and towels. Light bulbs were missing in the room and the bathroom and I had to buy some. Things are a little strange. If I get a desk and my window screens back, I think I can live with it here.

Yesterday, I started walking to Cosmocentro, the shopping center about a half hour away and ended up in Siloé. I ran into a friend there who I had photographed last year with his horses. He delivers supplies up high in the barrio. He told me proudly that he has the photo that I took of him last year hanging on the wall in his living room. He was excited to see me again. I also had my first coffee and pan de chocolate at the Panaderia La Sorpresa. The cost was only 50 cents. A good deal. I took a few photos and walked around Nave, the bottom part. It felt good to be back. The photo above was taken of the carnival along Calle 15 with Siloé in the background. There was a large group of kids from a school there enjoying the rides during the day as a private event.

Being back to Cali feels a little strange to me. When I left the last time, I didn’t think that I would be back. But, things changed. My house in Washington didn’t sell and after spending several months staying with friends and relatives and camping, my only option was to return. I will try to sell the house again next summer. Hopefully, the current tenant will have his credit restored and he can buy the house. And so since Cali is the only place I have known as home for the past 5 years, I returned again to live here. I plan to be here for 6 months, leaving at the end of May. I don’t know what to expect this time around. I mainly hope to get back into exercising at the gym and continuing to photograph in Siloé with the possibility of doing a book someday. I feel that I have few friends left in Cali, at least good ones. So far, I haven’t seen any of them, only my friends at the nearby panaderia and restaurant that I frequent. We will see what happens. So, right now, I feel a little disjointed and a little down about things. Doing photography again here while no doubt help with my disposition.


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