By gregebersole

December 8, 2014

Category: Travel

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I’ve been back in Cali less than a week now and it seems so different than Mexico, at least from Mexico City. There it seemed calmer, even though the traffic was a mess. I noticed right away that people didn’t walk around drinking alcohol like they do in Colombia. Here, men can sit on the sidewalk and drink their bottle until they fall asleep. They’re not bothered. Here, you can also sleep on the sidewalk if you’re tired or have nowhere to go. A nice thing about Mexico, where I was in the city and Merida, is that all the parks have free wifi. It was nice to sit there and watch people, drink a cup of coffee and connect to the internet. I do enjoy the salsa music, though, here in Cali. In Mexico, it was either cumbia or mariachi music. And, thanks to John, he copied a lot of the great Colombia music that he listens to everyday on a memory stick for me. I also love the cheaper prices here in Cali for food and meals. I’m back to eating my large and good lunches at the same restaurant owned by friends, Augusto and Claudia. Costing me only $2. Last Friday I just had an eye exam and ordered good, new glasses, photo grey with new frames. I also bought a radio/cd player with two separate speakers for my room. I need music. It cost me only $60 and the sound quality is really good. So far, I’m getting used to Cali life again and it feels okay. I’ve seen two of my good friends so far. That’s all.

I was glad I spent two weeks in Mexico. I’m so thankful to Lina, my friend from Cali, for showing me around. We had some great meals out, especially the taco place. I loved it. And, it was hilarious to see the man who showed up in his pajamas and calmly ordered and ate his tacos in front of God and everybody. Ha! Lina taught me how to use the buses and the metro (subway). She and her friend, John, took me to the pyramids, near Mexico City, which were fun to see and photograph. One evening, Lina and I went to a place to see a live Mariachi show. It was fun. She told me how to take the metro to the barrio where I went to the Frida Kahlo museum. That was nice. They took me to the airport when I left and also when I flew to Merida. They provided me with a place to stay and sleep for three days. Lina has been in Mexico for about a year and a half now. She has no plans to go back to Colombia to live. She likes the life in Mexico, and has a good job near where she lives. It was great to catch up with her again. She’s a great person, besides being a great friend.

This photograph was taken of Lina on the last day while we were walking. I saw this wall and, immediately, wanted to take her photo in front of it. I just snapped two frames and got a good one.


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