By gregebersole

January 14, 2015

Category: Travel

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I went to Siloé a few days ago and ran into Guillermo in the cemetery. I had a photo of him in my Siloé photo exhibition last year. He is a photographer and goes to the cemeteries to take photos of anyone wanting one there near a grave marker of their loved one. He still uses a Yashica film camera to take his photos. The film is Mitsubishi color and rated at ASA 200. He showed me one of the photos he took of a woman. It was actually pretty good. He was waiting for the woman to show up and claim it. Guillermo is still complaining about his bad health to me. His head always hurts and he recently lost vision in his left eye for several days. I don’t know how he makes enough money to survive. He told me he took one photo yesterday for someone in the cemetery. He has the film developed at a nearby photo lab and a print made. He says he makes 200 pesos for the photo. That’s only 10 cents. I’m not sure if this is right or not. I had him take a photo of me in the cemetery. I wanted to help him out and also have a photo that he took. He said it would be 4,000 pesos which is about $2. He only took one frame. He would then have the film developed and a print made and I could look for him in the cemetery to get it. I don’t think he could possibly make more than $1 of this transaction, at the most.

Today we had rain this morning. The first in about 4 weeks or more. It was raining hard at 8:30 a.m. when I left the gym. I decided to go to Augusto’s panaderia, get a cup of coffee and wait for it to ease up before I walked back to the house.


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