By gregebersole

January 20, 2015

Category: Travel

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I think this is my 1,450th post since I started this blog. I’m still doing it, but not quite as often. In four months from this week, I will be leaving Cali again. Already! Every time here is a little different. This time, I’ve been bored more often than usual. I’m thankful for at least three friends who have shared activities and events with me. But, I find that I’m already planning things that I want to do after I leave. That’s not a good sign. I had hoped to go to Siloé more often to take more photos, but it hasn’t worked out so good yet. I finally got to see my friend, Pichi. I went up to Los Posos to watch him training another new group of kids in soccer. Afterwards, we went to his home for coffee and to talk. He said parts of Siloé are a lot more dangerous lately. There are rival gangs fighting each other and there have been about 5 or 6 killings recently. I still hope to get up to see him occasionally and take new photos. I still have the idea of doing a book on Siloé if I can. This photo is at the Amistad soccer field. Some of these guys I knew and some I just met. I had given my friend, Pichi (in the yellow Samsung shirt), a copy of my book for his birthday. He showed it to the guys. I don’t know what I had said, but everyone seemed to be laughing. The guys liked the book and hope that I will do a book on Siloé. Pichi said this area is more dangerous than last year. I had a photo from last year of a large group of guys in this location watching a soccer game. Now, 5 or 6 of them are dead. There are changes coming to Amistad. The small soccer field is now under construction. It will be changed to concrete and, eventually, kids will be able to play soccer, basketball and volleyball there. The old hangout for the guys will be leveled and a children’s park will be put in. Once, all the changes are in place, there will probably be increased police presence in the area. Hopefully, I will be able to photograph the new additions before I leave Cali at the end of May.


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