Siloé again

By gregebersole

January 28, 2015

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I visited my friend, Pichi, at the soccer field in Los Posos. I always love the motorcycle ride to the top part of Siloé. It’s always a fast, exciting ride. Some of the guys with the motorcycles that I knew last year are gone, or I just haven’t seen them. I’ve had to trust new guys, but haven’t had a problem. When I walked up the path and onto the soccer field, Pichi was glad to see me. There were only a few kids there, and, eventually, they had 6 and just played a game for fun. Pichi told me that a few days ago, there had been several shots fired near one of the houses nearby and someone got hit in the back. Some of the parents didn’t want their kids to come up yet, preferring to wait a couple of days for things to cool down. Pichi always tells me when things happen and where in Siloé. I asked him if I would ever be in danger. He said no. He said everyone knows and likes me. He said that even before I had started walking up the path to the field, some older guys told him that I was on the way up. Pichi said people look out for me. Most of the real problems are between guys in rival gangs or drug related. After the practice, we walked down to Pichi’s home where he fixed me coffee and gave me a baguette. We talked for awhile before I grabbed a jeep and rode down to Calle 5 and near my home in Miraflores. I didn’t know I could get a ride that far, but Pichi found the jeeps that go, even, to the downtown part of Cali. The jeeps have two long benches in the back facing each other. It’s not a very comfortable ride, but it’s okay if it’s not packed with passengers. This photo I took while we were walking to Pichi’s home. It’s in the Los Posos area. The girls are good friends.

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