By gregebersole

February 2, 2015

Category: Travel

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I’ve always done a lot of walking while living in Cali. I enjoy it and I often find photos along the way. Lately, I’ve had a lot of pain in my left heel. I don’t know why. My right heel is fine. I went to the doctor a week ago for that and also because I had a cough, cold and sore throat. He treated me for flu like symptons. Then he gave me a cream for my heel pain. I was prescribed that about 2 or 3 years ago for shoulder pain. At that time, he told me it had coca, marijuana and other herbs in it. I laughed out loud. He said no, he was serious. The receptionist has a bag behind her desk all the time. I read the label and the ingredients are, besides coca and marijuana, caléndula,romero, eucalipto, manzanilla, tomillo, carbopol, tea and metilparabeno. I’m not sure what those all are. I’m to rub the creme on my heel twice a day. I also had the heel x rayed and don’t have the results yet. I haven’t been able to climb Las Tres Cruces, the mountain peak nearby, for three weeks. It’s depressing. I also was prescribed heel pads, which I bought and have been using in my shoes for about a week now. Some days, the heel feels better and the walking doesn’t bother me much. Other times, if I walk too much, then hours later or the next day, the pain is there and it hurts a lot. It’s driving me crazy right now.

January seems to have gone by pretty fast. I’m often bored, but find things to do. I have gone to a lot of movies with my friend, Liceth. I also go downtown and buy movies to watch on my computer. They cost me about 50 cents each. Yesterday, I bought 5 of the Oscar nominated movies that I haven’t seen yet. I don’t ever plan to see American Sniper, one of the nominated. The premise of that movie kind of disgusts me. A man who thought of the Iraqis as savages and personally killed way over 100. I don’t know how he could live with himself after that. From all that I have read about the movie, I know I wouldn’t like it. I’ve been an anti-war activist all my life and will continue to be.

This photo was taken in the San Antonio barrio during one of my walks.


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