Another practice session in Los Posos

By gregebersole

February 8, 2015

Category: Travel

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Last Thursday, I made another trip up to Los Posos to watch Pichi, my good friend and soccer coach, work with his young team. They did a few drills, then played a practice game. My good friend, Liceth, accompanied me this time. The kids were glad to see us again. After the practice, Liceth and I walked with Pichi to his home. We passed the location near his home where a new Mio metrocable stop is being built. I’m not sure if that’s the right word for it or not. From the MIO bus station at Cosmocentro shopping center, there will be a heavy duty cables with cable cars that go up the hill of Siloé. Eventually, passengers can ride from upper Siloé down to Cosmocentro in minutes, and then, later, back up to where they live. It is going to change the lives of many people who live in the upper part. It may hurt the business of some of the small shops and the jeep and motorcycle services which haul people up and down the steep winding roads. At Pichi’s home, we had banana bread that I had brought for all of us. Pichi provided the milk. We visited awhile before Pichi helped Liceth and I catch motorcycles to take us down to Nave, at the bottom. It was another fun visit.

I have just a little over 3 months left in Cali. Time is going fairly fast. I’m thankful I have Liceth as a friend here. We do things together and chat on Facebook some almost every day. She is still my best friend, after 5 years now. If it wasn’t for her, I would be even more bored here and consider leaving soon. For where, I don’t know. That would be the problem. I have a return flight to the states leaving Cali about May 22. I’m also glad for the friendship of Javier and Natalia. We also see each other every so often and do things together. This time here, I don’t see too many of my other friends from the past. Things have changed and I feel more disconnected with them. Life is always changing, I guess. I feel, once again, that this will be the last time I live here for any extended period of time. I know that I have said that before last year, but feel stronger about it now. If I live anywhere abroad for an extended period of time again soon, I hope it will be somewhere near the ocean and a good beach. Perhaps, Mexico or Costa Rica.

The photo, taken at the soccer field in Los Posos, shows the soccer kids, their coach, Pichi, and my friend, Liceth.


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