Red Bull Cliff Diving preliminaries

By gregebersole

February 11, 2015

Category: Travel

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Last Saturday afternoon was the last day of preliminary competition in Cali to classify for the 2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving competition to be held in different sites around the world. Besides Colombia, divers were here from the US, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Peru and several other countries. The clouds kept coming in and eventually lightning put a stop to the diving for awhile. In this photo, a photographer for the Red Bull organization takes a photo from behind the diver. I couldn’t climb up the scaffolding to take a photo. It would have been a good angle though. This dive was almost the last before they stopped it for awhile due to lightening. I left before the rain came. One of Colombia’s best divers is Orlando Duque. He has won a lot of competitions. I met him during the Feria de Cali and got a photo of the two of us together. He is very nice and humble. The diving was fun to watch and photograph, but I think this and bungee jumping are two things that I don’t ever plan to try.


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