Soccer and a chance encounter with an old friend in Siloé

By gregebersole

February 17, 2015

Category: Travel

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I really enjoy my visits to Siloé. I usually see friends I know and either go to a soccer practice or games with Pichi and his teams. Sunday, I watched two makeup games. The week before they had been cancelled due to rain. Pichi says I bring him good luck. The teams always had won until Sunday. The young kids in the first game lost 5-2. Most of them arrived late and many not at all. They didn’t seem ready to play. The older kids played next. They were really good and won 11-2. It was a fun game and many different kids scored. Afterwards, Pichi and I ran into our friends, Arley and his wife. We visited for awhile then I said goodby to Pichi and them. I walked on to the cemetery to wander around a little. After about 15 minutes, I ran into Arley again. He and his wife had brought flowers to place on the marker of his mother-in-law. Before placing them in the little holder, he washed the marker and the tiles in front. I took a photo to email him. Last year, I had a photo of his wife and him in my photo exhibition. He’s a nice guy. He invited me up to his home next time I’m at Pichi’s place. They don’t live too far away from each other.


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