More changes

By gregebersole

February 19, 2015

Category: Travel

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I went to the photo lab, Feriva, today to have a few large photos printed. I wanted to print this photo of these guys in Siloé at the Amistad soccer field. I wanted a copy for Pichi and one for me. He’s going to point out the 5 or 6 guys that have been killed since I took this photo a year ago. I got to the lab in downtown Cali and things were really different. The office was smaller and there was only one woman at a desk. She told me that they only print orders of 20 or more. Last year, there were several people at computers and they worked on the orders right away. I was even allowed to go behind the counter to check the color on their computer screens. It was a great lab. But, things had changed drastically. The woman recommended two places to me. The first one had a large window with several small holes that you could talk through. I waited for 5 minutes or more and no one would help me, so I left. I went to the other place. There were about 4 or 5 work stations with people to help. I told the man what I wanted and within 3 minutes I had my photos. I had 3 photos made at a size of 30 by 45 cm. They cost 2,000 pesos each, or about $1. I was shocked. At Feriva, last year, I paid 7,000 each, or about $3.50. All a bargain for large photos. The quality was pretty good too, almost as good as Feriva. The third photo was a portrait of Quiñones. I ran into him the other day in Siloé. He said he had never received a photo of himself. So, I have a large print to take to him on a future visit.

Another change lately is happening to the adjoining house to where I live. It has been vacant for about 4 years. An alcoholic retired professor and his wife lived there until he died. He was also on a lot of medication. I was in the house once to help carry some stereo equipment into their bedroom. It was a sad situation. I think he was in bed pretty much all of the time. Now, someone has bought the old house and workmen have begun to tear everything down. It is being leveled and a new house will be built there. My landlady is upset because they cut down a huge tree in the backyard that was good for shade and a home to many birds. And, we are all getting very tired with the loud noise from jackhammers and concrete walls and post crashing down.


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