A little progress

By gregebersole

March 16, 2015

Category: Travel

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I’ve been bored and feeling a little depressed lately. This plantar fasciitis is making me a little nuts. I’ve been lying in bed a lot and watching videos on my laptop. I’m so used to walking around Cali and now I can’t. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of tips for curing this foot problem. Neighbors have told me to buy such and such and boil it and then put my foot in it. I don’t know exactly what it is they’re telling me to get so I haven’t done that yet. Two people I know who are acupuncturists have recommended that to me. I’ve been tempted, but decided to wait a little longer. Others suggested wearing a night brace or boot to keep my foot stretched. I have been doing exercises recommended on websites. I finally found and bought a night brace. The first night, I could only wear it for 2 hours. It was driving me crazy. I don’t know how I could ever handle a full leg cast when I was young. I broke my leg skiing and had the cast on for 9 months. I’ve been wearing this brace when I can. It’s like a large boot with padding and velcro straps to hold my leg in it. I think I’m starting to see some progress. Today, I didn’t feel like going to the gym. I rested more. This afternoon, I was even walking with not much of a limp. My heel wasn’t hurting so much. A few days ago, it hurt really bad. I’m hoping I can get up to Siloé this week. I really miss it. Especially, to photograph. When I’m not photographing, I get very restless and bored. This evening, after going out to get something to eat, I made some photos on the walk home. It felt good to do a little photography today. The one posted I took as I was walking back on the bridge over Calle 5 towards my home.


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