I used to be a pretty good sports photographer

By gregebersole

March 21, 2015

Category: Travel

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I used to be a pretty good sports photographer when I worked for newspapers. I loved shooting sports and news. A great sports event, fire or other news event really got my adrenaline flowing. Often, I would arrive at a fire or news event before the fire department or law enforcement personal. When I could, for big sporting events, I would arrive early and leave late to make sure I got the best photos that were there. I liked to try to compete against the other photographers and then look at the newspapers the next day to see who got the best photos. Many times, a few of us got similar photos. Often, I liked mine best, perhaps, because it ran bigger in the newspaper and looked more dynamic. I used professional camera gear and an assortment of lenses from wide angle to 300m. and occasionally a 600m. telephoto lens. The wrestling photo above was taken several months before I was laid off from my newspaper job at The Daily News in Longview, Wa. in 2009. The color and reproduction is a little bad. I just found an old file to use. Anyway, I loved that photography position. Sure, there were assignments or situations that I didn’t like, but overall, I did a lot of good work there. The photographers used to be able to crop and size their photos and leave them on the editor’s desk and they would usually run in the newspaper as per our suggestions. Our photography was displayed very well and the photographers won many awards in various competitions. It used to be a good newspaper for photographers.

So here I am in Siloé, trying to photograph sports with a small point and shoot camera. One of the stupidest things I did this year was to come back to Colombia without my professional camera gear. I told myself I didn’t use it that often here and it was too dangerous to take to Siloé anyway. Most of my photography was going to be in Siloé again. I decided not to bring the large camera bag with it’s gear. Dumb! Stupid! There have been so many occasions already that I have been mad at myself for not having that gear. Places and events in Cali, away from Siloé. My friend, Pichi in Siloé, even said that I could have used that camera in the park in Nave for his games. It’s always safe there and security guards are on hand. Now, I try to shoot Pichi’s games with my little camera. The shutter has a delay so it’s hard to get the peak action when you want it. The photos are not good. The timing is off. With the better gear, when you press the shutter, the photo is usually taken right at that time, making for the photo you saw or anticipated. Now, if I get a decent photo it’s usually luck. I often have to press the shutter early and hope it takes the photo when the peak action occurs. Usually, it doesn’t. So, I’ve been pretty frustrated with a lot of my photography lately. The little camera does great with portraits, though, which is what most of my work in upper Siloé involves. I will be so happy to use my professional gear again when I return to the states in a couple of months.


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