Semana Santa

By gregebersole

April 1, 2015

Category: Travel

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This is Semana Santa. It’s Holy Week, the week before Easter. In the states, people mostly celebrate it on Easter Sunday. People go to church dressed in their best clothes. Many have Easter egg hunts. A lot of chocolate Easter bunnies are consumed on this day. In Colombia, there are religious processions during the week and many special masses. I’ve photographed many processions here through the years. This evening, there is a large one downtown. It’s in a new location this year. It’s above the new tunnel and along the river. I plan to go and photograph it. Tomorrow and Friday, my gym will be closed. Many Colombians travel and take vacations in the country or abroad this week. I’m also happy this week since my plantar fasciitis in my left heel is a lot better. I can often walk without pain. I’ve been walking larger distances. The foot brace or boot that I wear at night has helped me a lot. I’m hoping for one last climb up Las Tres Cruces before I leave Colombia. As of tomorrow, I have only 7 more weeks here. Time is going fast!


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