Viernes Santo

By gregebersole

April 4, 2015

Category: Travel

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Thursday and Friday of this week were holidays, or holy days. Jueves Santo and Viernes Santo. The main streets were very empty. Many stores and restaurants were closed. My gym was closed. I had even more free time then usual. To keep from getting too bored, I photographed several processions downtown. Besides enjoying photographing an event, I got lots of exercise walking. My heel is a lot better now so I have been walking more. Yesterday, I photographed the Viernes Santo procession in downtown Cali. It was like covering the event for a newspaper, which I would have done several years ago. I photographed from many locations, always going ahead and scouting out for the best spots. I even saw Oswald Páez, director of photography for El País newspaper, working in several locations. He posted 27 photos on their website. I’m posting 18 on Facebook. In today’s newspaper, they ran 5 photos from Paéz. One of them I would have eliminated if I was the photo editor. I had a lot of fun photographing this event, even though I only had my little point and shoot camera to use. I wished I would have had my professional camera with two different lenses. The photo above was from a good location, and it shows the street filled with people.


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