Jackeline Rentería

By gregebersole

April 20, 2015

Category: Travel

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Sometimes, amazing things happen. I went to Siloé last week on Wednesday just hoping to take one good photo. Often, when I’m bored, I decide to go to Siloé and walk around Nave to try to get at least one decent photo. This time, within a few hours, I was in the apartment of Jackeline Rentería and her parents taking her photo. I’ve wanted to get a photo of her for years. I always ask friends if they know where she lives. On this day, I happened to ask the right person. He told me she lived about a block away from where we were standing. I asked if he could show me her place. He said, of course, and took me there and talked to the guard for the apartment building. Soon, we were at her door knocking and there she was, with her parents and younger sister. She is probably the most famous person in Siloé. She, or Jaqueline Rentería Castillo, 29, to be more accurate, is a wrestler from Siloé, Colombia. She won a bronze medal in the women’s freestyle 55 kg at the 2008 Summer Olympics and repeated the feat at the women’s freestyle 55 kg category at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. With her second medal she ties Helmut Bellingrodt as the most decorated Colombian olympians. She just recently returned from competition in Russia where she won the gold medal in the 63 kg weight class. She told me she never really played soccer when a kid. She was always interested in wrestling. She leaves again next month to compete, I think, in Greece. I asked her how many more years she planned to wrestle. She said that she will probably wrestle for 5 more years, including the next Olympics in Brazil in 2016. I found her to be a real nice and humble woman. I love it when these great and unexpected things happen on my visits to Siloé. It helps to have a lot of friends there. This photo was taken in the living room with her medals. They were hanging up. There was also a display of trophies and plaques.


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  1. Hi Greg, nice photo of the wrestler! I remember seeing a statue of her there. We had a great trip to cuba. I recommend checking out the Camera Obscura in Havana’s Plaza Viejo. It cost a couple of Pesos. I think someone like you could buy the local peso from locals, just pay them in CUC’s at a good rate. That would make everything really cheap. There are now licences that allow boarding houses and restaurants to be privately owned, our guide pointed out the blue symbol ( something like a sideways “r”) above the doors of some houses in Trinadad. He said prices are 20 to 50 CUC’s per nite but I’m sure there are deals to be had. I think 75% of the tourists at the resorts in Varedaro are Canadian, so we fit in just fine there. All the Cubans who work in tourism, like guides and cooks and bartenders seem to have university education and English. They are Employed by the Govt no matter where they work, One guide had been a teacher and quit so she could apply to be a guide all careers pay about the same monthly wage, but people working in tourism have a chance to get tips, which can be way more than their wages. I liked all the old cars too, they call them Old Timers, almost all have been retrofitted with diesel motors! We saw dozens of Willys Wagons. I’ll send a photo I shot in Trinidad. Later, Larry

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