Roberto Ortiz

By gregebersole

April 23, 2015

Category: Travel

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Last Saturday, as I often do, decided to go on my own to Siloé and try to get at least one decent photo. Again, as it happens often, I had good luck. I happened to run into a Siloé campaign appearance by Roberto Ortiz, who is running for governor of Cali. I don’t know anything about him, whether I would support him or not, but I had fun following him around and taking photos. We eventually met and shook hands. He did a lot of posing for photos with people and shaking hands with all the shopkeepers and folks on the street. In this photo, he shook hands with a guy that was working in his shop and had really dirty hands. No problem for Roberto. I have now met the present governor and his wife, and now, a candidate.

This afternoon, I need to go to Siloé again to watch the kids practice. My goal again is at least one good photo. I only have 4 more weeks to get more photos in Siloé before leaving for the US. Time is flying by.


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