My love/hate relationship with my gym

By gregebersole

May 12, 2015

Category: Travel

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I have a love/hate relationship with my gym. I usually hate to go, but I love to leave. I’ve been going to my little gym in Cali for 5 years now. I’ve pretty much maintained the same weight, but, perhaps, have more defined muscles now. Often, when I arrive at 6:45 a.m., after my coffee, pandebono and a glance at the newspaper, I feel like I’m lazy or not in the mood to work out. Other days, I feel energized and ready to go. I start my routine with 15 to 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I try to grab a decent bike and move it to the window on the second floor. That’s where the abdominal machines are and mats to use for floor exercises. A lot of the bikes are broken. On the thrid floor, there are many good bikes and spinning classes are taught there. I like the bikes, but there’s no view and no air from the window. On the second floor, I have a good view of Tres Cruces and the steps and walkway over Calle 5 nearby. I can watch people while I workout. After the bike, I have different exercises that I do. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I stay on the second floor and do abdominal exercises. I’m usually ready to head downstairs after about an hour. Then I work various parts of the body, depending on the day’s routine, using weights. It usually takes me a total of 2 hours each morning, five days a week. I usually finish up the workout with another 15 minutes on the bike before I leave. Somedays, I start working out, thinking I’m lazy and then later, I’m lifting heavier weights than normal and having a good workout. I have a lot of friends in the gym by now. The three guys in the photo above are good friends. They help me and correct me if I’m lifting wrong and give me pointers. We joke around a lot and it makes it fun for me to work harder. Gustavo, on the right, is an engineer. He has traveled to the states several times for work related conferences. He speaks and understands English fairly well. Vladimir, in the middle, has a restaurant, featuring food typical of Spain. I ate there once. It was very good, but cost me twice as much as what I pay at my corner restaurant. Carlos, on the left, is always smiling and helping people out. He can lift incredible amounts of weight. The gym has many characters that are entertaining to watch. The music is always fairly loud. Some days it’s annoying electronic beat, monotonous “music.” Other days, it’s really good salsa music. The gym is old, small and with old equipment, but I like it. I will miss it when I soon leave.


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