starting at a new gym

By gregebersole

June 6, 2015

Category: Travel

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This is the view from my stationary bike in my gym in Cali, Colombia. I would always ride for 20 minutes before my workout routine and then finish with another 20 minutes afterwards. I loved the view out the window. I could see the mountain, Tres Cruces, and also watch people on the sidewalk and crossing over Calle 5. I would also get a nice breeze or just fresh air when I sat close to the window. I also could smell the food they were making in the restaurant down below. Thursday, I started a new gym in Longview, Wa. I’ve worked out there two days now. I paid only $20 for a month. They didn’t charge me a joining fee. I don’t know how long I will use it. I’m hoping to sell my house here soon and just want the use of the gym while I’m here waiting. I miss my old gym. I liked the people, the loud music and the atmosphere. It was more fun to work out there. I knew a lot of the members and we would joke with each other and they would help me on my form and technique on the equipment. The new gym just has a tv on in the area where the bikes and treadmills are. No music anywhere. No nice view out the window. So far, most of the people I’ve seen have been old, way out of shape, very white and covered with big, black tattoos. I’m glad they are there working out, but where are the people who are already in shape? They should be working out too. Maybe that’s just the mid morning group, I don’t know. I’ve been so used to working out with only dark skinned people. It feels a little strange to be around mostly white people again. But, I’m just happy to have a cheap gym to work out in.

By now, it’s been 2 weeks since I left Cali. My, how time has flown. I’ve contacted a few realtors and hope to decide on one to work with by next week. I need to get my house on the market as soon as possible.


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