The waiting game

By gregebersole

June 24, 2015

Category: Travel

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Finally, the good news! My house was officially listed for sale yesterday. A sign was put up in front and the listed was posted on Zillow and the Windermere, the realtor’s site, among other places. There will be an open house tour by the realtor tomorrow. Now, I just have to wait and see what happens. I’m hoping there will be a lot of showings and that a buyer will come forward soon. I’m not sure what to do next month. If it sells soon, I will be able to make decisions quickly. I can look for a place in Arizona and eventually move my stuff out of my storage unit here and into a house there. But, I can’t do a lot until it sells. Meanwhile, I’ve watched a lot of soccer matches, including the US women, and both the Colombian men and women. For the Colombian men, I have to go to Portland since no one in Longview has the cable channel that it’s on. I go to a place in Portland where they show every soccer match and there are always other Colombians and soccer fanatics there which makes it a lot of fun. I’ve also been going to my storage unit often, trying to get rid of a little more stuff. But, I usually start looking at old stuff and getting nostalgic. I’ve also been reading a lot of books and magazines. I finished two good books recently. One was Willie Nelson’s autobiography called “It’s a Long Story- My Life.” I enjoyed it. I’ve seen him in concert a couple of times and got his autograph once. The second book that I finished was by Lynsey Addario. She is a photographer who worked on many stories around the world and often in conflict situations. I liked it a lot. It’s called “It’s What I Do- A Photographer’s Life of Love and War.” While reading the book, I often thought of stories I had photographed in different parts of the world. Some situations were dangerous and I had to be on my toes constantly, aware of danger or problems. They were good experiences and I was able to write and use many photos in stories for the newspaper where I worked. For almost a month now, I go to a gym five days a week and work out for an hour and a half. Afterwards, I eat something and then go to Lake Sacajawea and walk around it. The distance is 3.8 miles. I’m trying to keep my weight the same. I have to be careful I don’t enjoy the food here too much and put on weight. And, thankfully, my foot problem is almost gone and doesn’t bother me too much anymore.

The photo was taken of me in Portland before a Colombian men’s soccer match by my good friend, Pat .


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